Film Review: Can Kenny Clark be an All-Pro?

At 22 years of age, Kenny Clark was just recently listed as the 69th finest gamer of 2017 at With Clark currently being that excellent, it asks the concern: Simply how good can Kenny Clark be?! Here’s the subject this week on the Friday Movie Room:

Rookie called Kenny Clark a “stud”, Marques called him a “beast” and Bill called him “rising.” If I were to weigh in, I ‘d say, “all of the above.” For those who followed my “Grading the Pack” series on CHTV throughout the season, or paid attention to the radio show recently, you’ll know that Kenny Clark was my highest general rated Packer defender for the totality of 2017. That’s absolutely nothing to ignore considering he’s a 22 year old, 2nd year defensive tackle who saw restricted in action in his novice season.Clark was one of the

couple of brilliant spots on defense in 2017, in addition to probably Blake Martinez and the re-emergence of Damarious Randall. The gorgeous thing about Clark is that he was wonderful in all stages. It was hoped/expected that Clark would have the ability to hold up in the run game early on in his career( you do not draft 315 pound protective deals with in the first round without that presumption ), but his pass rush capability was likewise well ahead of schedule.Clark signed up 4.5 sacks in 2017, after not signing up a single sack in 2016.

He likewise included 55 takes on, however the bulk of Clark’s work went unnoticed in the stat sheet. Whether it was collapsing pockets, releasing linebackers, or simply holding up at the point of attack, Clark showed everything you want from a Pro-Bowl quality protective tackle.I went on record last week saying that Clark needs to have made the Pro-Bowl ahead of Daniels. I believed in general on a down by down basis Clark was the more constant player and impacted the game positively in all aspects. While Clark didn’t get approval, his time will certainly come if he continues the torrid pace that he’s on this early in his career.As I started breaking down the tape, there was a single player that kept coming back to me as a contrast.

This player was a six-time Pro Bowler, a five-time All Pro, played in 203 video games over his 13 year profession and acquired 373 deals with, 63 sacks, 10 forced fumbles, 5 interceptions, and 4 touchdowns.That gamer is Kevin Williams, former defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings. Here’s a take a look at the movie going back and forth in between

the 2 gamers and you can see on your own a few of the resemblances that they have: How great can @KCBoutThatLife be? He’s doing things at age 21-22 that Kevin Williams did in his prime. This Kevin Williams: 6x Pro Bowler 5x All-Pro 13 year profession 203 video games played 373 tackles 63 sacks 10 forced fumbles 5 ints 4 touchdowns– Andy Herman(

@SconnieSports) February 8, 2018 Kenny Clark is a 6’3″– 314 pound defensive deal with prepared in the 1 st complete of

UCLA.Kevin Williams was a 6 ‘5″311 pound defensive deal with drafted in the 1 st complete of Oklahoma State.While Williams was a bit taller, they both possess the unique capability to both hold

up in the run video game, and be a menace as a pass rusher. To me, this is the kind of ceiling that Kenny Clark has. While not precisely the exact same, you can get a type of the comparable athletic profiles that both Williams and

Clark had coming out of college(credit @MathBomb): For those who may not keep in mind, Kevin Williams comprised one half of the controling” Williams Wall”in Minnesota. He and fellow anchor Pat Williams were almost unmovable on the interior in the run game, and it was actually Kevin Williams who offered most of the pass rush up the middle.Similarly, Clark and Daniels were the very best thing Green Bay had going on

defense in 2017, and I fully anticipate new protective coordinator Mike Pettine to start building his defense from the ground up with Clark and Daniels in mind. Excellent defenses begin out by being stout right at the point of attack and allowing their linebackers to stroll free. Kenny Clark is not only getting much better himself over

the course of the next couple of years, he’s going to make the gamers around him much better as well.Let’s go to the movie to take an appearance at a few of exactly what Kenny Clark brings to the table: Quickness/First Step/Athletic Capability Daniels and Clark are just flat out fun to view together. Both with the quick primary step forcing the play behind where HaHa quickly tidies up.– Andy Herman(@SconnieSports )

February 1, 2018 #Packers strike a couple of great T/E stunts vs WAS.

Neither got house for a sack but certainly got QB hits/hurries. Clark/Fackrell combo here– Ben Fennell (@BenFennell_NFL) August 21, 2017 Power One of my favorite plays of the game. Daniels, Matthews & Clark all just flaunting

their power. I’m not sure which I’m more impressed by: Daniels splitting the double team, Clark’s raw power or Clays’capability to disengage for the sack.– Andy Herman(@SconnieSports) December 7, 2017 Kenny Clark actually beginning to flash. Handles the guard w/ ease and makes the

tfl. Great play by

Clay too.– Andy Herman(@SconnieSports) August 15, 2017 #Packers Kenny Clark essential pass rush in red

zone in 4thQ … Forced Jameis out of pocket and tosses illegal pass beyond LOS. Pure strength, hands and utilize here vs LG. Wow.

@KCBoutThatLife– Ben Fennell (@BenFennell_NFL)

December 4, 2017 Kenny Clark can anchor down that double group, however likewise dance/swim around it. Ending up being extremely difficult to block …– Ben

Fennell( @BenFennell_NFL )

October 17, 2017 With one arm RT @BenFennell_NFL: Leverage … Wins. Kenny Clark straight bending Whitehair backwards– Rambo Ron ™ (@RDJordan5) Keep grinding, Mr. Clark …– Ben Fennell(@BenFennell_NFL) January 2, 2018 Breeze vs MINUTES for rookie DT Kenny Clark(38 overall snaps). Excellent hands/leverage vs OC. Toobad @Mike_Daniels76 is likewise pretty good.– Ben Fennell (@BenFennell_NFL )

September 20, 2016 Leverage/Balance/Agility #Packers DT Kenny Clark( @KCBoutThatLife )played a strong game vs CAR Plays w/ good leverage in

run video game, eyes up, sheds blocks … I love his hustle & flow to the football-enjoy the thud when he strikes Olsen on the TE screen(helmet right on the ball, nearly requires

fumble )– Ben Fennell (@BenFennell_NFL)< a href=""> December 20, 2017 Early 2ndQ. 2017 Stout edge byNick Perry however YOU ARE NOT REACHING

KENNY CLARK! Nope.– Ben Fennell(@BenFennell_NFL)< a href =" "> November 14, 2017– Ben Fennell (@BenFennell_NFL) October 17, 2017 Novice Kenny Clark. Only 13 snaps vs PHI. Leave, lean, surge & hustle all on screen here. I’ll take this effort every

snap on GL– Ben Fennell( @BenFennell_NFL) November 30, 2016 Pass Rush #Packers Kenny Clark revealing some pass rushing guarantee. QBs see that color flash up Keenum cannot step

up and sails the toss.< a href= " "> #Packers– Dirty All 22(@All22Talk) December 27, 2017 Awareness Kenny Clark.

. His play

of the game yesterday. Feel/recognition of the screen, then persistence when Zeke attempts to breakdown in space.– Ben Fennell (@BenFennell_NFL) January 16, 2017 Trump card You show this to McCarthy yet?! @KCBoutThatLife-

Kenny Clark, Red Zone danger!!– Ben Fennell( @BenFennell_NFL ) January 27, 2018 Clark has the characteristics and toolssmaller sized, more nimble defensive

deals with, or the big, 320+pound run stuffers. Clark is close to mastering both phases of the game at such a young age. It’s extraordinary to think that he’s gone up against the likes of Josh Sitton, TJ Lang, Joe Berger, and Kyle Long, these

veteran NFC North interior linemen, and come out so effective. It’s nearly unfathomable to picture that when he’s at age 28 and still in his prime, he’ll be a 8 year veteran.So to answer the initial question, Clark is an ascending player, a stud, a beast, and any other positive adjective that you desire to place on him. The word I’ll use though … frightening. Frightening since

he’s this proficient at 22 and frightening because he’s still getting better.Listen to recently’s show here:!.?.!More on Kenny Clark from Zach:!.?.!Read last week’s post on Mike Daniels:!.?.!My 2017 Grades:!.?.!Listen to this Friday’s section live at 9:50 am with Marques, Expense, Novice, and I here: Featured Green Bay Packers Friday Film Room


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