Woman tells court Toronto policeman sexually attacked her

A female who alleges she was sexually assaulted by a Toronto policeman testified that she as soon as believed no one would think her if she came forward with her account of being raped by a cop.But years later– after becoming a police officer herself, and dealing with a sexual assault case– the woman took the stand at the very first day of the trial against the male she says sexually assaulted her in her house in 2008.

“Now I can write that a Toronto cop raped me, no problem, but I couldn’t compose that then,” stated the woman, whose name is covered by a publication ban. Court heard that the female stepped forward with the accusation in 2015.

Toronto police Const. Vincenzo Bonazza has actually pleaded not guilty to one count of sexual assault at a trial administered over by Justice Anne London-Weinstein. The charge was laid in 2016 after an investigation by Ontario’s cops guard dog, the Special Examinations Unit.The woman

, a previous actor who now works as a policeman in another jurisdiction, informed the court that she had been in contact with Toronto police in the summertime of 2008 when she filed a criminal harassment complaint versus her ex-boyfriend.

After that ex-boyfriend was charged and released from custody, she believed she saw him driving in her neighbourhood and approached a marked Toronto squad car close by to ask if authorities could run the licence plate of the lorry she believed her ex-boyfriend might be driving.The two officers in the car, Bonazza and his partner, said they might not. That preliminary encounter led to more interaction with Bonazza which consisted of, the female claimed, a surprise phone call from Bonazza a few days later, though she did not recall having offered him her phone number.During that call Bonazza informed her he was bringing over some food for her and she thought”this was just a kind gesture as a kind police officer,”she stated. When he dropped off the food, he asked if he might use her restroom, something she believed was odd at the time but allowed.He later called her and informed her that he had”read her file “on her complaint with her ex-boyfriend, regardless of the fact that he

was not associated with the investigation.On the night of the alleged assault, not long after their preliminary conference, Bonazza later on came by to the female’s the home of see a film in which she had actually acted.

She informed the court she did not think that it was a romantic party which she was not thinking about Bonazza.Soon after Bonazza showed up, using plain clothing, the woman declares he told her that she was”the sort of woman where if I kiss you right now, you ‘d be completely cool with it, “the female testified.She then said he began kissing her and unbuttoned her trousers– something that made her feel “sick to my stomach. “” Woah whoa woah I do not do this with anybody who isn’t my sweetheart,”she affirmed she told him.When Bonazza didn’t stop, in spite of her body language and her plainly informing him his touching was unwanted, she started to fear for her

safety, she stated. She then submitted to sexual intercourse and oral sex against her will, she stated, out

of worry.”This is a law enforcement officer, who is going to believe me?”the lady testified she believed at the time. “He is trained to combat people if he requires to. “Bonazza’s lawyer, Gary Clewley, concentrated on inconsistencies in the female’s previous statements to authorities and her testimony at an initial hearing about her state of undress and other details of the night.Clewley questioned the female about her memory”

flashes”that assisted form her statement.”There are snapshot minutes of this event that are clear as day,” the female said.With files from The Canadian Press



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