Drake’s New Toronto Area ‘Select 6ix’ is Officially Open

It’s lookin’ like Drake’s newest restaurant, Pick 6ix is FINALLY open to the public.

Here’s the thing – just last month, there was a rumour going around about the restaurant already being opened which was FALSE.  A PR quickly addressed the rumour and ensured people that Pick 6ix would be opened by the end of January, the earliest.

Although Pick 6ix has not officially announced the opening date or even hosted a launch party, it looks like people are already enjoying themselves and sharing pictures from inside the restaurant, and no, they’re not coming from Drake or LeBron.

A picture was posted on Instagram saying, “After word cocktails at the not so grand opening of Pick 6ix.  Make sure to come – working in the same building has its benefits,” and another says, “Thanks for making me feel fancy on a Wednesday night.”

There’s no doubt about it.  Chef Antonio Park and his crew are in the kitchen, working on those delicious dishes.  Just recently, TFC player Gregory van der Wiel stopped by Pic 6ix and dished on an Omakase platter for him and his guests.

When asked what will be on the menu, Chef Antonio says, “It’s 30 items including the raw bar that does seafood platters, sushi and sashimi. We’re going to have a lot of salads, duck, beef, chicken, some Korean dishes like braised short-ribs. We’re doing a simple Ontario beef burger with a spicy gochujang teriyaki sauce finished with provolone. There’s a tiradito, which is like a ceviche but the fish is cut like sashimi rather than in cubes.”

Heads up – you’re going to pay anywhere from $50 – $60 per meal.

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