Complainant denies she fabricated alleged sexual assault by Toronto police officer

A lady testifying at the trial of a Toronto policeman accused of sexually assaulting her Ten Years earlier was reduced to tears Tuesday as she turned down the defence suggestion that she fabricated the whole incident.The female, whose name is under a publication ban, has actually declared Const. Vincenzo Bonazza forced her to have sex with him while they remained in her apartment or condo viewing a movie Bonazza has pleaded not guilty to one count of sexual assault.During interrogation, Bonazza’s attorney, Gary Clewley, accused the woman of lying.”

I’m going to suggest to you that you made it all up, “said Clewley. “Definitely not,” the woman said through tears.The lady informed court on Monday that she first met Bonazza in September 2008

when she asked him for aid about her ex-boyfriend, who

had actually just come out of prison after being apprehended for bothering her. Bonazza told her he couldn’t assist unless she made a formal grievance, which she had actually currently done, the lady testified.She later on faced Bonazza a few times in the neighbourhood and one day he called her– she’s uncertain how he got her number– and said he had actually purchased sushi for her

, she told court.A few days later, she testified, Bonazza came by to her home to view a motion picture she acted in, and then he had sex and oral sex with her without her consent.Clewley focused his cross-examination on the finer information of the female’s recollection of the events prior to, during and after the supposed event and, sometimes, explained statements that he

said were irregular with what she at first informed the Unique Examinations System, which probes accusations of sexual attack including Ontario authorities officers.” It makes no sense, based on your proof, to purchase sushi and go to your house if(Bonazza) he doesn’t even know if you like sushi or perhaps if you’re home,”Clewley said.”I’m going to recommend I am attempting to do the ideal thing and I have absolutely nothing to gain by

doing any of this, “the woman stated as she cried.For much of the day, Clewley consistently grilled the lady about what occurred on the night of the supposed sexual attack on Sept. 11, 2008.

He pointed out disparities in previous declarations she provided to her manager, the SIU and at the preliminary hearing.Those details included her state of undress and Bonazza’s state of undress, which she had problem recalling.At one point the female broke down under the barrage of questions– her psychological distress prompting the judge to twice call a break.”Whenever I inform my story, it comes out in different methods because that’s reality,”she said through tears.

“This isn’t a script I have actually memorized, so it comes out in various ways. It’s a natural reaction, I’m just speaking, I’m just being a human.”The woman previously affirmed she was scared Bonazza was going to harm her if she didn’t have sex with him, and she only chose to come forward with the allegations after becoming an RCMP officer.

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