Sold! Freshly developed small mansion goes for $3 million in Toronto

If you rewind through Google Streetview back a years, you’ll see the antiques of mid-century Modernist architecture scattered all over the previous residential area of Etobicoke. Skip back to today, and they’re slowly being replaced by recently developed houses.

11 ballantyne crescent toronto These new homes are normally larger, but in some sense they continue the architectural tradition by more deviating from classical house style. You can quickly select them out: they’re boxy, and they have the tendency to include substantial windows and high ceilings on the primary flooring.

11 ballantyne crescent toronto< img alt="11 ballantyne crescent toronto"src=""> This brand-new develop near Kipling and Eglintonis light-filled space that makes ample use of the big lot. I call it a mini-mansion since it comes simply shy of the stature required to use the term without a qualifier, but it’s downright huge compared to many downtown houses.

11 ballantyne crescent toronto I’m not in love with the combination of stone and wood on the exterior, however the interior is just sensational. The enormous living room/ cooking area combo is among the nicest I have actually seen, and each of the bedrooms are well above average size. Several en suites is a great touch also.

11 ballantyne crescent toronto The Basics Why it cost what it did This one can be found in simply below asking price. If you put this home a bit better to the core, you ‘d view both the asking and closing rates climb up, but provide the westerly location, $3 million for a dream home is completely fitting in today’s market. Was it worth it?Really the only draw back here is accessibility and transit, but a low Stroll Rating won’t bother someone who plans to drive many of the time. Include the reality that the location is blessed with great deals of near green area, and you can think of the buyers are very pleased individuals.


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