Posole Verde or is it Pozole Verde– Easy Convenience Food– Recipes that are simple and delicious.

My spouse and I (and my family for that matter) have been on a soup kick since late fall. Soup is so soothing. We have so many favorites. My other half’s go to soup is most likely Chicken Tortilla Soup whereas mine is most likely Vietnamese pho, or this (or any type) Mexican Posole Verde. The important things I love about posole is that you can go the red (rojo) route, or go green (verde) which it is loaded with hominy. I like hominy. This soup is super simple to make, makes a lot, and is packed loaded with comfort.Mexican Posole Verde Dish Let

‘s get started.Ingredients:8 big green tomatillos, husked 2 whole onions, chopped 6 cloves of garlic 2 entire

jalapeno chilies,

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