Sticky Rice Recipe– Simple Home Cooking– Dishes that are basic and tasty.

If you have actually ever walked into an Asian grocery shop, the first thing you most likely notice is the mounds and mounds of bags of rice, generally situated near the entrance. They provide a variety of rice, and one of my favorites is the jasmine rice. We eat rice about when or twice a week at our home as the kids enjoy it and I like utilizing any remaining rice for making Filipino garlic rice in the early morning, or a

good fried rice for dinner.But there is one rice that I really enjoy making, and I enjoy viewing my kids eat, and that is sticky rice. Sticky rice is usually made, or ordered as a speciality from any Thai kitchen. Something that is not listed in lots of menus, a minimum of that I have seen. In the mounds of rice, you can find smaller sized bags of these thicker granules of rice understood simply as sticky rice.This is not your regular jasmine rice, and if you have doubts about what you are purchasing just ask. In order to make this you will also need a bamboo funnel cleaner, and a big pot, which you can buy at the exact same shop for less than ten dollars. It’s all worth it, trust me.Ingredients:1 -2 cups Thai Sticky Rice Steamer Soak the rice over night in a bowl of water. This softens the rice and shortens the time to steam. When the rice is all set, rinse the rice and place in a bamboo steamer. Cover and let steam for nearly 10-15 minutes per side. I state side due to the fact that you will want to eliminate the bamboo cleaner and knock it against the counter to loosen the rice after 15 minutes. You can toss it so it turns over. Sounds challenging, but it is not. Continue steaming the opposite for ten minutes while covered.When the rice is prepared. Take the ball out and put it on a cutting board as you will want to flatten it out a bit and start to fan it, as to cool the rice. I purchased a bamboo container at the same market so that I can cover the rice. It was about 4 dollars.Keep in mind that the rice need to be served warm and can not be saved for leftovers.To serve, simply put the rice into a serving bowl, covered. Take a handful out, roll into little balls, and press down into whatever you are serving. I recommend making something like < a href= > beef or chicken larb, or dip in a side of hot Thai sauce. Our kids love rolling the rice into little balls,(we do not let them consume the sauce), making shapes, then consuming them as is. How do you eat your sticky rice?


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