You can spend the night in this huge commercial loft in Toronto

Very few individuals can pay for aircraft hanger-like areas to call house, however for anyone who’s ever dreamed of residing in converted industrial loft, there’s constantly Airbnb.

airbnb loft toronto< img alt=" airbnb loft toronto" src= ""> I can think of a few situations that would make this massive difficult loft near Dufferin and Geary attractive to short-term tenants. While it’s the very opposite of cozy, somebody taking a trip with huge numbers would undoubtedly be attracted by the truth that it conveniently sleeps 7 for roughly $150 a night.

airbnb loft toronto It ‘d also be rather friendly to professional photographers looking for an area that exceeds the traditional studio. Or maybe someone with a 600 square foot condominium might think of a staycation in an area with floor space to spare.

airbnb loft toronto Undoubtedly it ‘d be amazing for a celebration, however a quick check of the rules shows that those are prohibited, so that’s out. Personally, I want to prepare in the open principle kitchen, which appears like it comes right out of a tv studio.

airbnb loft toronto There’s undoubtedly a host of possible uses that I’m stopping working to imagine, but the selling point is apparent: it’s uncommon to see a loft of this size offered to rent in Toronto at this price, especially one with slick floors and modern finishes.

airbnb loft toronto

  • Specifications Address: Dufferin and Geary Rental type: Entire home
  • Max variety of visitors: 7
  • Neighbourhood: Dovercourt Town
  • Parking: Yes
  • Pet friendly? No
  • airbnb loft toronto

    What’s the best feature of the space?Um, the fact that you could play a game of choice up basketball within its walls. With 3 bed rooms and a substantial living location, the square footage actually sets this one apart.

    airbnb loft toronto Exactly what’s something people might not like?There’s just one bathroom. It sleeps seven, so you may get a lineup if everybody has to utilize the bathroom at the very same time.


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