“Music is music, old or new, however undoubtedly there is absolutely nothing that can change the golden age of 1950 to 1970”, says Bipin Pandit

Bipin Pandit, the founder of Khumaar and the COO of The Marketing Club, speaks with Manasi Y Mastakar about his approaching show, music, advertising and more

Bipin R Pandit, COO of The Advertising Club, needs no introduction in the world of advertising. A man of lots of talents, he keeps his enthusiasm for music alive through his band Khumaar, while fulfilling his tasks as the COO. Being a law graduate, with a diploma in PR and Marketing, having no official training in music, for him singing was a call of his heart. And it was this love that led him to form his band, Khumaar, which has actually been a platform for a number of newbies and veterans to showcase their talent and captivate the audience. Excerpts from the interview:1)

Khumaar has actually ended up being associated with a platform that presents brand-new skill on the planet of home entertainment. How do you scout for talent? What motivated you to form the band?Actually, I desire to clear this concept once and for all. The order of concern for Khumaar is,(1)We are a bunch of superior experts, who have carried out, and continue to perform, at various shows. We get welcomed to perform and spent for it. (2 )Through Khumaar, I have made sure that I play songs of all music directors and singers, in spite of Rafisaab being my all-time favourite, and not concentrate on one. Our country has diversity which ought to be highlighted. (3) I have made sure that Khumaar remains as a well-segmented program with a mix of solos, duets, classical, qawwali, new tunes, local tunes, etc(4) And certainly now that the show has become popular I get some 25 to 30 ask for auditions and they are from all over the country.( 5 )I select the vocalist to be launched carefully after hearing him/her 4 to five times.The girl from Nagpur, Shrinidhi Ghatate, whom we introduced, has ended up being a playback vocalist today.

Even Mona Prabhgaonkar has actually begun offering playback; I can say Khumaar has actually contributed. Khumaar is not just about introducing young skill. I have actually been an artist for the last 30 years, who has actually carried out at all the auditoriums and has actually taken a trip in the interiors of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Further, my stint with Adclub made me a well-rounded expert and an event organiser of benefit. Hence, I imagined having my own group. My contacts in the field of music remained in place, and hence, Khumaar was born.2)You have been carrying out for a number of years. What new can we get out of your concert this year? Look out for all my expert vocalists

. Bharat Dabholkar doing an act is icing on the cake. And do wait excitedly for the Khumaar Ki Khoj talent this year

. He is a classically trained singer.3 )Its been 20 years given that you initially happened connected with The Marketing Club. How did a law graduate go into the world of marketing? Please tell us about your journey.I was

in the Accounts Department for 6 years with Baroda Rayons followed by a long stint of Ten Years with Castrol India. I was keen on interactions. I enjoyed organising programs and, more notably,

people. There was a job with the AdClub, and I used. The President of AdClub was Ramesh Narayan. I received a call from his office. He took my first interview alone followed by a second interview along with Kaushik Roy, the Vice President, and a 3rd interview with the Treasurer, Mr Devaraj. A new journey commenced that has now reached a turning point of 20 years.4)Exactly what do you feel about the songs these days? Particularly this trend where old tunes are remixed with rap?Music is music, old or brand-new, however surely there is nothing that can change the golden age of 1950 to 1970. A vocalist of mediocre ability is made to seem like a singer of excellent merit, due to the fact that of technical intrusion.5 )How

do you keep your love for music alive? Doesn’t it get exhausting, balancing both, Advertisement Club and singing?Professionalism and passion are the words. Managing both the worlds is taxing and requiring particularly when, by God’s grace, you increase the expectation level of your employers and yourself. Managing and being a point individual for programs of the calibre of ABBYs, EMVIES, EFFIEs, MARQUEES, GOAFEST, AdASIA is definitely exhausting. One must be thoroughly arranged, punctual and above all, proactive. I belong to numerous musical groups on WhatsApp. Musical messages and details keep flowing. I read a lot on music, watch shows, pay attention to young guys singing and playing music. I am a well-researched person: Strong on knowledge and content, which helps in music.6 )Coming to marketing, don’t you think there is a need for socially appropriate ads?Yes, there is and we, as an association, are working actively to it. Both AdClub and Khumaar do use up social causes.7 )Like, instead of making prophylactic advertisements sensuous, if they had a social message at the end, there won’t be a need for a ban on them?I agree with you. The forecast and message can change and undoubtedly it will be more appropriate.8)What next? Exactly what are your strategies after the concert?The Khumaar show 10 th on February is houseful. It will be held at the Ravindra Natya Mandir at 5.30 pm. My next plan is to go to Indore, Nasik, Baroda, Bhopal and enthral the audience there. And who understands, God prepared, do shows abroad.

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