While December was definitely freezing due to the cold wave in Toronto, January had some quite mild days. While it has a few of us dreaming of going to shows that do not need coat check, we are numerous months off from that. For such a short month, February has an abundance of terrific programs, so much so that it was difficult to narrow it down to simply ten!Zaki Ibrahim @


February 2nd, 2018

$15.00|19 +

It has been 6 years since Ibrahim’s debut full-length record came out and was nominated for a Polaris Prize (the very first year I paid attention to every nominated album) and have been impatiently awaiting a follow up every because. Her mix of RnB, Soul and Jazz and unlike anything I have every heard, with a voice that is completely distinct. Her subsequent album The Secret Life of Planets comes out on January 31st, so this will be her de facto album launch party.Jay Electronica @ Danforth Music Hall February 3 rd, 2018$ 29.50|19+

Will Jay Electronica ever launch

an album? Who understands, however 11 years after dropping his debut mixtape on MySpace (keep in mind that website?)the male is still getting booked to carry out. There have actually been a lot of visitor verses on tracks by artists such as Chance the Rapper, Common, Big Sean and more. Actually all anybody desires to know is when the hell is that record coming out Jay?First Help Kit @ Danforth Music Hall February 5 th, 2018$25.00 -$35.00|19+ Swedish sisters Johanna and KlaraSöderberg make music that sounds like they were born in the American mid-West about 70 years earlier. The duo’s fourth album Ruins just came out in January and as they trend more poppy their audience has actually grown greatly. These girls are an absolute reward to watch, so inspect them out!BROCKHAMPTON @ Rebel February 8 th, 2018 Offered Out|All Ages Last LiL Protection Are we still doing this thing were we call them a boy-band? The members of BROCKHAMPTON formed on the message board site KTT (Kanye To The )and managed to put out 3 excellent albums in 2017, not bad considered they have about thirty 8(?)members of the band. Lead member Kevin Abstract has

teased back and forth if SATURATION 3 was the end of the group, however that seem to be playing every celebration this year proves that isn’t really the case.BØRNS @ Rebel February 9 th, 2018 $57.00|All Ages Last LiL Protection Oh Garrett you gorgeous LA witch, after taking control of the world with his single Electric Love a few

years back he is back with another BØRNS album.Blue Madonna is currently appearing like among the top pop albums ofLast LiL Protection for Tyler, the Developer Last LiL Protection for Vince Staples Tyler, the Developer proved that he wasn’t just a shock rapper with in 2015’s fantastic Flower Young boy record where he might or

may not have actually come out on it, that regardless revealed he is easily one of the finest rappers today. He is going on trip with among rap’s other brightest stars the unparalleled Vince Staples who was all over the Gorillaz last album and put out his own excellent work in Big wheel Theory. Porches @ Horseshoe Tavern February 19 th, 2018$15.50|19 + Last LiL Coverage I talked to Aaron Maine on his last trip and weirdly enoughhe introduced himself by some other name

(we modified it out due to the fact that

it was too unusual ), however his blend of lo-fi RnB is too good to neglect. He put out his follow up record The House just last month as he wants to grow his audience beyond indie darling.dvsn @ Rebel February 28 th, 2018 $50.00|All Ages

Last LiL Coverage Themysterious

OVO duo put out their 2nd exceptionalalbum last year in Early morning After, and they appear to be getting larger every program they play as their label CEO Drake keeps putting them on big tracks. Who understands possibly Drizzy will make a look at their hometown program and they can play Faithful from Views. The post FEBRUARY TORONTO MUSIC AND CONCERT SUGGESTION SHEET appeared first on RESIDE IN LIMBO.

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