Toronto Killer Bruce McArthur Had A Male Naked & Restrained In His Apartment

We have much more information about the Toronto killer whose victim list keeps getting bigger.Last year, gay guys

started disappearing from the location around the Gay Town in Toronto. While members of the community there revealed concern, many(consisting of the cops)tried to quiet down those fears.That stated, earlier this month the cops apprehended

landscaper Bruce McArthur under the suspicion that he was responsible for the disappearances of 49-year-old Andrew Kinsman and 44-year-old Selim Esen.Then 2 days ago, authorities shared that they found the remains of three more males in a home that McArthur had worked on.Now we have a lot more news concerning the fears of Bruce McArthur.

It appears that when the authorities initially became suspicious of McArthur, they put him under surveillance.During that time, a male (who’s name is being kept) went to McArthur’s apartment or condo for sex. That’s when police stormed the structure and not only detained McArthur, however discovered that guy naked and restrained.Through their investigation, authorities have actually also discovered three other guys who say they dated McArthur. All 3 stated they stopped seeing McArthur

after his sexual demands made them uncomfortable.While the Toronto Cops Department is receiving criticism for failing to acknowledge the preliminary disappearances and cannot call McArthur a serial killer until the additional three bodies were found, they continue their investigation.McArthur worked on about 30 homes that now need to be searched in case any more bodies are waiting to be discovered.


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