Water skiing squirrel was the star of the weekend in Toronto

water skiing squirrel toronto

Water skiing squirrel was the star of the weekend in Toronto

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The world’s most famous aquatic athlete (who also happens to be a rodent) graced Toronto this weekend with a series of adorable, high-octane performances at Exhibition place.

Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel, best known for her appearances in the films Anchorman and Dodgeball, as well as countless local news stories and journalism school lectures, is in town this week for The Toronto International Boat Show

The talented 10-year-old gray squrrel delighted thousands of people at the Enercare Centre on Saturday, and many more on Sunday after Chinese news outlets jumped on the story and turned it viral for, like, the millionth time.

— China News 中国新闻网 (@Echinanews) January 15, 2018

Twiggy’s show, which sees her being pulled around on water skis behind a tiny, remote-controlled boat while wearing an even tinier orange life jacket, is meant to promote water safety.

She (or, rather, she and predecessors) have been doing her thing around the world for 33 years now – with several stops at Toronto’s boat show in recent years – but the act never gets old. How could it?

Those in Toronto who weren’t able to catch one of Twiggy’s shows over the weekend still have a chance to see the legend in person.

The water-skiing squirrel is scheduled to perform every day, multiple times a day, until Jan 21 at the Enercare Centre.

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Water skiing squirrel was the star of the weekend in Toronto

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