3 Must-Try Healthy Winter Comfort Food Recipes!

Cold weather condition makes it more tempting than ever to curl up with a warm, welcoming bowl of your preferred convenience food. Regrettably, the finest winter season foods are not generally low in calories, and one bite of yummy goodness can throw your macros entirely from whack!You’re entrusted to a choice of suffering through cold temperatures with your basic lean-and-mean meals, or getting innovative with your preferred dishes.Here are three warm, winter recipes that make it possible

to stay on track while enjoying abundant and delicious meals. With lean proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and a tasty range of flavors to please anybody’s palate, you can take pleasure in the winter and still eagerly anticipate hitting your objectives by spring! 1. Healthy Shrimp And Sausage Gumbo This Creole-inspired meal is packed with

andouille sausage, plump shrimp, onion, peppers

, and okra in a delicious onion broth with a tip of tomato and simply a little heat.I have actually heard that Creole is “city”food and Cajun is”nation “food … but I have actually likewise check out that Creole food utilizes tomatoes and Cajun does not. Maybe someone who knows a thing or 2 about southern cooking can set the record straight!At any rate, this tasty take on standard gumbo is higher in protein, lower in fat, and lower in sodium than the standard dish, while still using lots of deep-south-comfort-food flavor.Note: Leftovers can be kept in the fridge approximately one week or in the freezer as much as one month.2. Taco Turkey Casserole This scrumptious twist on a classic casserole is layered like lasagna, utilizing gluten-free corn tortillas rather of noodles, and salsa rather of marinara sauce. Take pleasure in all your preferred south-of-the-border flavorsby topping this tasty

taco treat with diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, black olives, and nonfat plain Greek yogurt(It tastes much like sour cream! ). For a low-fat, high-protein boost, this recipe calls for 93-percent-lean ground turkey, however you can substitute lean hamburger, shredded chicken, or black beans for a yummy vegan version– just keep in mind to switch out the cheese for shredded vegan cheese.Note: Leftovers can

be stored in the refrigerator approximately one week or in the freezer up to one month.3. Lighter Chicken Marsala My youth favorite is chicken alfredo, my favorite”full-grown” Italian meal is chicken marsala. I almost—always order this meal when we go out for Italian– which is often considering that my hubby is part Italian!Chicken Marsala is certainly a home cooking– there’s just something about that rich wine sauce, tender chicken, and mushrooms! This lighter, healthier version still has all

the tasty taste of my favorite dish, and whether you’re into conventional Italian or trying out brand-new flavors, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!Note: Leftovers will keep in the fridge approximately one week. About the Author Chef Robert Irvine: Vegetarian Hamburger 6 Muscle-Building Protein Dishes For Hardgainers 4 Physique-Friendly Breakfast Recipes Chef Robert Irvine: Grilled Asian Chicken Wings

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