Why businesses should take advantage of podcasting

By the 1960s, television overtook the radio in popularity. Not long after, the rise of the internet killed the television. Now, podcasts are coming into the picture. There are a few reasons for this—some clear and some complex. Podcasts are also beneficial in a number of ways, especially to businesses and entrepreneurs. Getting your word out, has never been easier. It’s safe to say that podcasts are going to be the most preferred medium to use in the next few years.

Why? They allow the listener to get as much information as they need/desire, while being able to do other things at the same. Multi-tasking is the way of the future. No one has time these days to watch videos, go online, read etc. Listening to podcasts make it easier than ever to receive entertainment without jeopardizing other tasks you need to do. Podcasts mean no more procrastinating or leaving important things to the last minute.

There are many reasons as to why a business should take advantage of putting themselves out there through podcasting. For one, podcasts can bring you and your business much needed exposure. Exposure leads to interest and interest leads to new prospective clients or customers.

Cesar Zuluaga, author of the upcoming book, Underdog Growth Hacker, is preparing to launch a podcast about growth hacking very soon. “I’ve always thought that podcasts were the way to grab an audience’s attention. I look forward to discussing growth hacking with like-minded individuals,” he says.

Podcasts allow for clients to get to know you and what your business offers. They help to put a voice and personality to your company. Creating a connection with your audience is key to standing out from other companies. However, most companies aren’t making podcasts yet. This is why you should get ahead of them and be the first to get an audience. Also, the majority of podcast listeners are young and the future of consumerism. You should start your podcast now before you lose out on this connection.

In addition, forming an audience can give you just what you need to come off as an expert in your field. Without podcasts, people will never get a sense of who you are and what you are selling.

Podcasts allow for clients or customers to feel comfortable with what they’re paying for. But make sure that what you’re saying is completely accurate and informative. Otherwise, listeners can lose trust in your product or service. Overall, you want to come off as a professional with extensive knowledge of your business, if you want people to remember you.

Don’t kid yourself. Podcasting will become the ultimate tool for businesses very soon. Make the switch.

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