The top social media marketing trends for 2018

As technology advances, social marketing trends are in constant shift. Digital marketing is the future of consumerism and traditional marketing is out. Social media will be even more popular for content marketing and advertising in the new year.

Businesses all over the world are focusing solely on digital  marketing through social media websites. They are using all of their marketing and advertising resources to attract users on websites like, Facebook and Twitter.  With every year, companies are finding that the most efficient way to market services/products keeps changing.


Here’s a list of what social media marketing techniques will be trendy in 2018:

1) Influencer Marketing

It is no question that this type of social media marketing has always been popular. However, most companies are only catching onto this now. They are beginning to see a rise in Instagram users with large followings promoting products. By 2018, they will continue to find influential social media users and get them to improve their own brands. There will be a rise in the number of influencers promoting products on social media platforms next year.

By next year, YouTube will begin to increase in the number of people reviewing products, ultimately promoting them. Internet users are always looking for reviews of products so that they don’t waste their money. Reviews get millions of views and are therefore, incredibly crucial to take advantage of.

2) Live Streaming

Instead of digital marketing via posting videos or photos, more and more business are going to exclusively switch to live streaming. In 2017, many social media apps started using this feature, but it’s only starting to truly catch on now. The reason for its popularity is as a result of social media users being more attracted to live videos. Live streams are also very engaging. Those initiating the live streams ask users to comment and give opinions. This is especially useful for reviewing products as users can get the information they want right away instead of contacting the vlogger at a later time.

In addition, live streaming gives users notifications of when a broadcast is about to start. These notifications get users excited which causes them to click on the notification. This gives broadcasters the opportunity to speak and promote a product to users who are actually watching at that specific time. Overall, this tactic is a lot more beneficial than posting a photo or video and hoping a user pays attention to it. In 2018, more and more social media platforms will be making use of live streaming and at this rate, it should become more popular than posting.

3) Augmented Reality

Both technologies are on the rise and will soon be incorporated in most social media platforms. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X are going to lead the way for augmented reality in 2018. Snapchat is one of the first social media platforms that is expected to include this feature.

The developers are sure to find a way to add augmented reality filters to their app. Instagram is in the same boat as they offer filters as well. Companies can take advantage of these technologies by promoting their brands in the backgrounds of these filters. By projecting their products, they will be able to create awareness and interest for their products. Users spend a lot of time using these platforms and taking photos with them. Therefore, there is no better way to advertise products and 2018 will see a trend in this kind of marketing.

Overall, 2018 is going to present a few different trends in the way companies advertise their brands and products. Social media will become even more focused on brand awareness and promotions as well.

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